Trust the Universal Plan

4 min readOct 30, 2020


A Note to My Daughters

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

To My Daughters:
You may not realize it right away.
You may not realize it for 5, or 10 or even 20 years,
but the Universe knows what you need, Sweet Child.
Put your full faith in It.

When it feels as though the World is neglecting you,
I challenge you to think bigger than your desires;
to think beyond your perceived reality.

You will likely hurt.
Your own physical form will turn against you.
Your body will ache;
Your mind will take you to dark places.
Actively return to your Soul, that which is pure Light, that which is your true essence.

Existence on this planet will bring ongoing challenges and hardships. Life will often times feel like solving one problem after the next. Learn from this. Acknowledge the development of your mind and the growth of your spirit that results from every hardship. Begin to see your troubles as adventures in humanity, meant to lead to the evolution of your Soul into its culminating and perfect form.

In this very moment, we are discouraged from communal life indoors due to a deadly pandemic, while at the same time threatened by the planned escape of the outdoors due to hazardous smoke. Socially, we face the problems of mankind — humans waging war against one another. The construct of “the left” versus “the right” and the fight for what each of us feels is the righteous path, leading to hatred, contempt and murder. Amidst this destruction, death, and social and political turmoil, the World appears to be deteriorating in front of our very eyes. Hope for the future seems desperate.

Not long ago, these scenarios would elicit extreme fear and anxiety for me. I would imagine the pinnacle of our world’s terror unfolding outside of my front door. I would have nightmares about war and the end of the world. Like zombies stalking flesh in the night, the thought of what might bring the end of days would haunt my daydreams. If it were not worries of war, it was the fear of climate change. I felt as though the planet was on fire, and it was only a matter of time until the sun, that which feeds us energy, would eventually be the cause of our ultimate expiration. As a result, I found myself regularly assessing where our family might relocate in hopes of escaping the ever-increasing heat of the sun.

Today is different. I neither cower, nor run. Neither the realities witnessed with my eyes, nor my imagined fears, have the power to take me to dark places. I owe this shift to the strength amassed through parenthood and to ongoing soul work, which allows me to recognize that our Universal Spirit is all that is truly real. What remains is simply a human experience — one that brings the greatest highs and the lowest lows, intense pain and immense pleasure.

Because the fact is that our human life will come to an end, whether we die due to war, or famine, or simply of old age. I’ve shifted my mind and opened my heart to trust the ultimate plan of the Universe. What matters is what we do with the moments of humanity that we do have. What matters is that we are continuously engaging with and expanding our inner-Light, and channeling that Light out into the World for the betterment of All.

With regular practice of meditation and prayer, you take time to sit in God’s presence and experience complete peace. Many call it bliss. In this state of bliss, you begin to understand and trust in the Universe’s intricate system. There is a plan and a reason for all things.

Seek to find reason and order for what may seem completely illogical and chaotic. This will undoubtedly be more challenging the closer the pain is to your life. There is no greater feeling of chaos than that which is caused by the loss of a loved one. In these times, trusting and understanding the Universal Plan will take time. Understand that time may never heal your wounds, but it will, however, provide opportunities for reflection, prayer and evolution of the spirit — all which help guide you through the hardships of being a spiritual entity bound to a human experience.

Building Universal Trust

When your Light of Source feels dim due to the ongoing trials of life, you must resolve to enliven It through spiritual engagement. Practice stillness: sit with Nature, meditate on breath, pray to God. Find your Flow — that which brings you an overwhelming feeling of peace, even if it is for a moment.

Throughout the day, affirm your trust in the Universal Plan by praying, “I elevate myself out of this human experience, for I am pure Spirit and not truly of this world.” Be mindful that this does not excuse you from service to the planet and humankind. While you may yearn for relief from earthly troubles, you must resolve never to escape from them. The world needs your Light. Your purpose should always be to leave the world a better place than you found it. The key is knowing how to separate your human experience from that which is true — Spirit.

Holding the presence of Universal Source consciously in your heart, you will begin to see the silver lining in all things — the Light will always return. Know that you are Love and that you are loved — more deeply and sweetly than you are likely to ever understand. Let that knowing guide you through your darkest days, and trust in the magic and the mystery of the Universe.




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