Gratitude Served Four Ways this Thanksgiving

3 min readNov 26, 2020

With a poetic side dish

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The proof is in the puddling, y’all. Research has proven over and again the benefits of gratitude. If we take a moment each day to consider anything that is going well in our lives and offer gratitude for that goodness, we will live more joyful, fulfilled lives. Studies have found physical benefits as well, namely that gracious people report fewer bodily ailments and are more likely to exercise and take care of their physical health.

Simply stated, moments of gratitude elevate us out of our daily human drama. They break the mind’s incessant chatter and make space for the good in our lives. The emotional response is feelings of joy, peace and love — three expressions of Universal Spirit.

When we choose to openly share our gratitude with others, the benefits are heightened even further. Expressed gratitude towards another human creates a powerful bridge. In that moment, two humans share the emotions of joy and love, which elevate them to higher states of consciousness together. The result is a higher vibratory state, which has a ripple effect that benefits the entire planet.

Start your gratitude practice — four options, from the quick and easy to the more involved

  • Visualizing Gratitude — allow the image to hold in your mind, even for a moment
  • Verbalizing Gratitude — in prayer, following meditation, at the dinner table, before bed, on your daily drive
  • Documenting Gratitude — keep a gratitude journal, post sticky notes around your bathroom mirror, maintain an ongoing list
  • Expressing Gratitude — share with others verbally, in writing, through a hug, a gift or an act of gratitude

Whichever method you choose, commit to practice some form of gratitude every single day. The longer we maintain the practice, the more we will benefit from it.

Take a look around —
No need to look far.
Within your very midst,
You are sure to find a star.

A Light composed of all the things
found within you and me.
A Being formed from stardust
that exists to help you to see.

You are blessed beyond measure
Loved more than you will ever know.
Regardless of perceived hardships,
You have many seeds to sow.

There is Lightness all around you
Offer a moment to take that in.
And if you can’t perceive this with your eyes,
Simply take a look within.

Peace is your true nature,
Love and joy as well.
The human drama may conceal this truth,
But gratitude cracks that shell.

Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all. Today I am grateful for the gift of written word and the Interwebs that allows an everyday human such as myself to share with the world.

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